Fenja Ellen awakens your spirit—in mind, life, and business. As a consciousness thinker, trust guide and art director she is interested in the human quest for interconnectedness and development. Energizing your project and connecting you to your evolutionary potential is her overall goal. 


Through her work, Fenja investigates the intersections between dreams, design, nature, individual and collective development, innovation, art, science, psychology, sociology, and our human connection to the greater whole.


She uses her insights to guide people and projects—in vision, mission, purpose and the development of consciousness and connection. In her work, on one hand, she guides groups and individuals to a new level of awareness through the framework of trust. On the other hand, she supports businesses and conscious entrepreneurs—by curating, directing, designing, researching, transforming, and creating conscious concepts and strategies. 



Birthing conscious concepts; Elevate consciousness; Materializing dreams and visions; Inspire, build & strategize; Creating spaces for transformation; Visual philosophies; Enhance intercultural collaboration and communication.


Under the name of Studio Abound, Fenja is committed to creating spaces for transformation. Studio Abound is a creative, artistic and conscious design consultancy working together with different people in the field of design, personal and collective development, ecology, and energy work

Tapping from a collective expertise in matters of design, strategy consciousness, Studio Abound offers various services within a human-centered, intuitive and social design approach. Thought, measurement and analysis sustain energy, flow and affluence.


Through co-creation Studio Abound births conscious concepts and ideas; elevates consciousness, designs ecosystems, creates spaces for transformation, inspires, builds and strategizes.


Studio Abound


Fenja her approach is grounded on her professional training in Art & Design. She brings in her training as an art director when expressing your identity in business.


Fenja brings her experience as an international social entrepreneur, future thinker and innovator when working with you on realizing your dreams and visions.


And she relies on her decades-long study of science, world religions, psychology, philosophy, yoga, energy work and investigations in science, consciousness, and quantum physics when transforming cultural and social concepts. 

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Fenja's presence is transformational. With her silent awareness and sharp vision, Fenja opens up space where wisdom can flow (hers as well as mine). Working with Fenja you can be sure things are getting done. With care and high quality. Co-creation in the most harmonious way. Fenja almost miraculously knows how to guide creative processes in a flowy and effortless way (instead of turning into a frustrating process). 

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Fenja knows how to guide creative processes in a flowy and effortless way