Fenja Ellen is a researcher, art director, and mindfulness teacher dividing her time between Amsterdam and the world. As an explorer of our psycho-socio-cultural world, she is interested in our human quest for interconnectedness and development. Her curious mind, work and life experience naturally lets her make the connection between diverse fields, cultures, and states of consciousness.


Through her work, she investigates the intersections between consciousness, innovation, design, systems thinking, culture, nature, art, science, psychology, sociology, and our human connection to the greater whole.


She uses this to guide groups and individuals to a new level of awareness, but also to curate, create and collaborate on transformational programs, concepts, spaces & strategies that propel the evolution of consciousness, creation, and connection. 


Fenja coaches conscious individuals who ready for a new way of navigating through life, work or business. Who are looking to apply trust and tranquility within their daily dynamics and life's uncertainty. Increasing consciousness, presence, intuition, and wisdom.


+ design

Shaping creative projects. Directing human-centered contexts. As a creative and strategic thinker Fenja aligns human values and needs with new concepts, visions, words, feelings, services, tools, and technology.


In her work, Fenja traverses internal and external, cultural and national boundaries. She does this by using a social-psychological model of human value systems. This rich and revelating body of research presents an intercultural theory of global human consciousness and behavioral systems.


Spaces for transformation; concept creation; transformation of (collective + cultural) consciousness; trend & research; enhancing (intercultural) collaboration and communication; design & visual philosophies.

Under the name of Studio Abound, Fenja is committed to creating spaces for transformation. Studio Abound is a creative, artistic and conscious design consultancy.

Tapping from a collective expertise in matters of design, consciousness, lifestyle and reading socio-cultural systems, Studio Abound offers various services within a human-centered, analytic, yet intuitive and sustainable design approach. Thought, measurement and analysis sustain intuition, flow and affluence.


Through co-creation Studio Abound births conscious concepts and ideas; supports dreams and visions; creates spaces for transformation; elevates consciousness; and enhance collaboration and communication.