In her work, Fenja traverses cultural and psychological boundaries. She does this, not only by using her own examinations of culture and consciousness, but by using a social-psychological model of human value systems. In a global society of expanding consciousness and connection, Fenja believes this model can help us to better understand the world by identifying the nuanced patterns of people, groups, and societies.


This rich and revelating body of research presents an intercultural theory of global human consciousness and behavioral systems. An underlying force that can help us to understand our past, present, and even shines light on the distant and near future. Working with this model it is more than possible to enhance intercultural collaboration; drive sustainable change; create better products, services, and solutions; predict futures; improve cross-cultural communication and understanding.  In all her projects Fenja uses this model as the base for her work. 

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Publication in the design journal

fenja ellen sepers