On a long journey, I fell in love with the vibrant fabrics of the South-American Altiplano. The hand-woven fabrics that stand in colorful contrast to the soft shades of the stunning scenery. The blistering sun, the thin air and the crystal blue skies of the high Andean Mountains made their fierce colors fade, telling us their part of history.


For centuries local communities around the world have created fabrics that express identity, belonging and the natural surrounding through different colors, patterns, and styles. On the South-American Altiplano, not one textile is the same—each is home and handmade, and naturally dyed—yet it’s distinctive color-pattern and style gives away the communities’ cultural identity and location in the vast area.


Together, my creative partner Karin Heurkens and I, created a collection which we called PERK AMSTERDAM. Our aim is to honor these textiles by telling their stories and transforming them into something to love and to keep forever. We are currently looking for co-creators—from yoga studio’s to hotels, hospitals or stores—places where we can share these products and talking textiles to lift up spirits and speak to souls, in the meantime supporting the local community and conservation for the natural area.


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