Reset body and mind:

Integrate an intuitive way of living Program


Uncertain times are a great opportunity to change habits and activate new mindsets. In this time of inner confinement Fenja and Leoni, offer a special online program. This program is aimed at resetting the body & mind by opening our innate ability of a more intuitive way of living. In this 6 or 12-week tandem series, Leoni will focus on moving into aliveness (reset the body) and Fenja on tapping into trust (reset the mind). In addition, you will receive one 1-on-1 coaching session.

This program is the perfect chance if you are looking to further develop a self-explorative practice from home, to enhance new ways of thinking and doing, deepen your own mindfulness practice, or integrate a more conscious presence in and beyond your time on the meditation cushion or yoga mat. Overall throughout the program, we will focus on facing and overcoming old fears and (mind) patterns. You will start creating trust and consciousness in your mind and body. You'll learn to act from strength and confidence. In short: we will activate a new way of navigating through life—from reactive action to conscious action. 


by Leoni

6-week reset the mind by tapping into trust 


The principles of trust are about what happens to us, mindfully and energetically, when we establish an abiding attitude of trust. In this program you will: 


  • Start cultivating a clear mind, more space, and silence

  • Move from fear to trust (in your path, your decisions, and yourself)

  • Learn to act from tranquility and confidence.

6-week reset the body by moving into aliveness 


Applying aliveness is about the change we bring to our energy field when we connect to the power of the body. Through this program you will:

  • Open up (to life) through the development of body awareness

  • Start activating/deepening your energy awareness

  • Explore aliveness and playfulness from a solid and connected center. 


What to expect


In this 6 or 12-week tandem series, Leoni will focus on moving into aliveness (reset the body) and Fenja on tapping into trust (reset the mind). The course is given online and we’ll both give the course individually (not in duo). However, it is an integrative practice the course can be attended separately (6-week) or sequentially (12-week) and is giving in English.



  • 6- or 12-week process

  • One 1-on-1 coaching session (45 minutes, online) with Leoni or Fenja

  • One time a week online group meeting (Wednesdays 7.30pm CEST)

  • Working in a small online group setting 

  • We will provide a daily practice (45 minutes a day) throughout the course

  • Bonus/extra: Unlimited access to our 10-day inner strength meditations series

Overall effects


  • Facing and overcoming old fears and (mind) patterns

  • Start creating a deep feeling of tranquility and trust

  • Learning to act from strength and confidence 

  • Access a new layer of understanding and knowing

  • Activate a new way of navigating through life

  • Move from reactive action to conscious action 

Special quarantine offer: 6-week (trust or aliveness) from € 340,- now for € 190,- / 12-week (integral) from € 660,- now for € 370,-

What others say about our programs

"It connected me with myself and my surroundings, more trust, acceptance, and understanding."

— David

 "Revealing, healing, connecting."

— Fiorella

"I think it really makes a difference. Everyone should do this. It would make the world a better place."

— Justine