Fenja coaches conscious individuals who ready for a new way of navigating through life, work and business. Those who wish to apply a new consciousness into their lives. In her trajectories, she focuses on increasing your personal and professional presence, vision, mission, intuition, and wisdom.

Single Session

online 60-75 min

4 sessions  

Tailor Made


"I use ancient knowledge, personal and professional experiences, and the dynamic life that I lead to guide you or your project into your center, clarity, and wholeness."


In the intersection between the visible and invisible, between potential and presence, between universal wisdom and personal challenges, Fenja focuses on finding your personal point of strength and stillness within the daily dynamics of an interactive business and life.' 

Leoni van de Water

Sensual Business Coach

“Being coached by Fenja changed my perspective on life profoundly. I learned to trust life more. I can see more clearly at—and beyond—structures like society, time and our mind. This changed the way I relate to people, nature and myself. From fear to love. From insecurity to trust. She's your person to get there.”




"Together we dive into the structures of your being, but possibly also translate your potential, project or business to a new vision. Over the years, I have guided many different people and projects ."

fenja ellen sepers