The history of mankind living in caves goes back to the beginning of time. Personally, I have always been fascinated by stories where people made their home in caves or natural dwellings. The famous book series the “Clan of the Cave Bear” took me into its grip for years, and maybe, who knows, that fascination is what pushed me into living the experience in reality.


It was during my first trip to Morocco, when I stumbled upon a small village by the ocean. The place itself alone was enchanting; kilometers of empty beach, caves and rocks to walk along and explore, an ancient Argan-tree forest beside the mountain, a beautiful wave to surf on. And it has been more than three years now, that I have been coming back.


Living in the cave means a life lived simple. The decoration exists of a bed, some clothes and books. A little table with a “lm4sl” (pronounced lmruhsl), a beautiful Moroccan waterpot and basin. No mirror to look at. A few solar lights, a solar panel, and battery to charge most of my electronic stuff.  And although for some this all may sound way too basic and simple, I believe the interesting thing of this way of living is how it shifts your pace and perspective. Because simple living not only means a life with less clutter, but slowing down to a life with more time for the things that inspire. Nature, beauty, awareness, connection… And to me, it even meant changing my notion of space and time


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